Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine started out early, Saturday evening when I arrived home from work I was greeted by a beautiful bouquet of white lilly’s, an easter basket in the form of a salad spinner, and  3 new freshly sharpened knives (I am so spoiled).


On the other hand I was given an aggressive time schedule of only one hour until I was supposed to be ready and out the door on the way to Lodi. I may have pushed my time keeper a little bit but we were out the door in an hour and 15-20ish min max. In that time I was able to make fresh strawberry scones, eat dinner, shower, and pack for the night…sometimes I impress myself:) The scones were my easter morning contribution and they turned out quite splendid I must say. I retrieved the recipe from the blog fannetasticfood written by Anne the RD. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they turned out and I encourage you to give them a try for yourself. You can find a link to the recipe here.


We spent the night in Lodi at Jordan’s parents house and went out on the town which was fun. Lodi is such a small town where everyone knows everyone so for Jordan it was good to see people he hasn’t seen in a while. Sunday morning we woke up had breakfast and went to church.


After church the easter bunny found its way to Jordans house and we all had to find our easter baskets… that Easter bunny is sure amazing he’s a hopping fool on easter.I think it’s really important not to lose your inner child and love that both my family and Jordan’s still practice the same traditions we did when we were young.


The rest of Jordan’s family came over later in the day and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating delicious food, visiting, and ending the night with poker. It wouldn’t be a Sharp family get together unless it ended in a night of poker.


All in all, it was a beautiful Easter weekend filled with family , friends, and fun.


Holidays are a great time to reconnect with loved ones and live great family traditions. I have always appreciated family and friends but recently I have found a new importance in maintaining those relationships and finding time for the people who care about you the most. I believe our health is affected by more than just the food we put in our body and the movement we express in a day. Health is about creating a balance between all aspect of life including social and physical. Recently we had discussed a theory in class called the health model triad. Basically stating that there is an overlap between your physical and social triads. The physical triad includes diet, exercise, mental attitude and the social triad includes work, community, and family relationships. The idea is that to optimize health it is important to find a balance between all aspects of both the physical and social triads. When one aspect of the triad is compromised it creates an imbalance causing other problems in the health triad. For example if family relationships aren’t strong it might cause stress which might weaken your mental attitude which makes you not want to work out which then leads to poor eating habit etc., etc. My point is that family is an important part of living a healthy life and it is important to connect with family and friends as much as possible. I am lucky to have such an amazing family to have created so many family traditions with and twice as lucky to be included in another families holiday traditions.


When we arrived home my lilly’s were in full bloom…so beautiful!

How was your easter weekend? Were you able to spend it with family?

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