How to clean glass bathroom and shower curtain

Every day, the glass doors and shower curtains bathroom you get wet, soap scum and shampoo. Glass and plastic curtains clear originally else gradually transformed into opaque because it covered a layer of oil, the crust of lime water, the foam dries, and mushrooms. Therefore, you need to clean the glass curtain or separator parts dry and wet in the bathroom. Here's how to clean a glass shower and shower curtain.

How to clean mildew on shower door glass
  1. Every time you finish showering, leave the glass doors remain open so that fresh air flows in. This is useful to make the bathroom more quick dry and prevent the growth of mold.
  2. Use a glass cleaner liquid to overcome water spots or a layer of SOAP that dries on the glass door of the shower. Read the usage instructions and safety on product packaging and make sure air circulation in the room.
  3. Alternatively, make your own cleaners that are a mixture of vinegar and water with just the right proportion. Apply or spray solution of vinegar at spotting, then let sit for five minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. For the crust that is very stubborn, apply vinegar directly on the spot.
  4. The fungus can be removed using the carbolic or mushroom glass cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide. Most cleaning products-shaped sprays that are then easily wiped with a clean rag.

If you use cleaning products ready-made purchased from the store, make sure you read the usage instructions and safety on the packaging.

How to clean bathroom shower curtains
  1. Immerse the curtain fabric or plastic into a tub of water mixed with detergent foams.
  2. Soak overnight to lift a pile of dirt. You can rub the mushrooms in the folds of curtains using a used toothbrush.
  3. Insert the curtain in the washing machine along with one or two towels and run the washing machine. The friction fiber-fiber towels are rough help rubbing dirt on the curtain. Check the care label of the curtain to find out how the laundering more specific and appropriate.
  4. Add a bit of vinegar in the washing machine on the last rinse as a disinfectant and to remove the smell of the curtain.
  5. For blinds that can not be washed in the washing machine, wear clean with spray cleanser then wipe to clean.
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