How to clean shoes that are good and true

How to clean shoes that are good and true - The sneakers have a durable and long lasting into a craving for all lovers of the sneakers. And one way so that it can be realized is to take care of the shoes or sneakers we are good and true, one of the methods of treatment in order for shoes or sneakers you can be durable and long lasting, one of which is by the way in the wash.

Wash regularly with the correct method will make your shoes so much more clean and no doubt also your shoes will be more durable and long lasting. But the problem arises for lay people or new in the world of sneakers, they mostly do not know how to clean the shoes that are good and correct what it looks like.

Steps-steps how to clean shoes that are Good and true

Before you clean your shoes, it would be nice if you prepare first the tools and equipment used to clean shoes, some tools that you should provide include:

1. Brush your teeth that are no longer used.
2. Soap (detergent powder. But the greater good will when using liquid detergent).
3. a special Soap for the shoe fabric (alternate).
4. Brush shoe (do not use a regular brush fabric, fleece fabric brush because it's usually much more hard and stiff).
5. Baking soda.
6. The Paper used.
7. Shoe Polish.

After the gear was ready, the next step you can start cleaning up your shoes, step-step how to clean shoes and they are:

  1. If the shoe you would wash very dirty or muddy, then the first step the shit wait until it dries out, then if it dries up then Pat Pat is the shoe so that the dirt that has already dried up last fall. But if it's just a little part of that dirty, then you can simply wipe the shoes with a used toothbrush and then moisten with water and clean the dirty parts.
  2. The next step shoe wash with warm water, rubbing slowly the inside and outside of the shoe. On the part that is not reachable by hand use a toothbrush to clean it. Then in a very dirty parts and be naughty then use baking soda then rinse with cold water
  3. You need to pay attention, if you wash your shoes is a shoe that is so it will be good you use SOAP or detergents that do not contain bleach. Do the testing first SOAP or detergent that you use with the slathered onto some part and see the result of your shoe color becomes washed out or not
  4. After the finished shoes washed, squeeze a little of your shoes with the way rotated to moisture content be reduced. Then hanging shoes in reverse in a place that a lot of the wind in order to dry fast. Do not drying under a blazing sun that is very strong because it will damage the shoes.
  5. Once dry then Polish your shoes so that your shoes are becoming more durable and long lasting. It would be nice Polish you are using is not a liquid Polish Polish-shaped pasta or gel due to Polish the type will cause lumps and hard to trim.
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