How to fix a cracked wall

Day-a day in the life, we may never find the incident fractured walls of the House. There are times when the construction of the home is still classified as new, but cracks are already there. In this very dangerous if not immediately in a fix because of cracks on the wall is a trivial but very necessary on the note.

Here is our share Tips on how to repair a Cracked wall that you can do to repair the cracked Wall in your home. If we have not already built, we can anticipate or reduces the risk of cracking walls with some of the following:

  1. Select the location of the uneven, strong and not easy to move.
  2. Avoid building homes in the area around the slopes, hills, adjacent to the river water flow, except when You have structure and reliable engineering.
  3. Use construction material with good quality and also sufficient water is clean and pure.
  4. Keep the quality of the mortar, in order that the quality of the mortar the same in every area.
  5. Tighten up the structure of your building, it can add volume with foundations and adding iron reinforcement structure for sloof.
  6. Supervise the development process carefully.
  7. Select a reliable construction implementers

How To Repair A Cracked Wall Of Hair:

Crack cracks namely Hair width is less than 1 mm and not translucent to the other side of the wall caused imperfections upon finishing the wall, such as stucco walls are not watered it first, the composition of the stucco plastering less than perfect, that not enough quality dry or paint a wall that power its elasticity is less.

Here is the solution:
The width of the hair cracked part to know the extent to which the level of retakannya so that at the time of patching the cracks to goto in the wall. Then fill with wall filler, sandpaper after it dries out completely, and then lightly coat with wall sealer before repainted.

Cope with Cracking Walls at the corner of Sills:

The problem of buildings that we often encounter is the rift walls at the corner of sills. Maybe for some people the rift on the take for granted, but there are actually ways to overcome young cracked walls at the corner of sills. As for the solution I mentioned are with nat deployment ceramics.
Is there any steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the widening rift was already stopped.
  2. Take a nail and clean the crack cracks.
  3. Apply grout cracks cracks in the walls, try to align with the surface of the wall.
  4. Sandpaper to clean and smooth the surface with flatness of the wall

How To Repair A Cracked Wall Structure:

Cracking of structure, namely cracking width of more than 2 mm and translucent on the other side of the wall. This is because:

  1. Decrease or shift the Foundation due to power support land which is less good or less dense. This could be due to unfavourable soil conditions or it could be due to changes in soil due to natural occurrences characterisitics such as floods, soil movement or earthquake.
  2. The size of the foundation that are not in accordance with the load in buffering or less perfect at the time of the process of implementation.
  3. Damage to the columns (pillars) and the beam cracked or bent, for example due to a lack of iron reinforcement size or amount of main and the iron fastener as well as low quality/quality of concrete which used or less at time of completing the machining process so that concrete strength against pressure decreases.

Here is the solution:

  1. For the Foundation of a new Foundation make a down nearby by detecting the cracks of the fallout on the wall above it. Compress the soil beneath the Foundation of a new and create a new column/pillar to assist in channelling the load of the floor beams and sloof on it.
  2. For a beam that cracked, if his condition permits need to be added to column/pillar underneath so that the distribution of the load beams be reduced. If not possible then beam injected/digrouting with a special chemical fluid i.e. epoxy which is binding and quick dry then do the enlargement size with retaining beam from the outside.
  3. For column/pillar cracked, create additional columns near the Poles cracked to divide the imposition on the damaged columns or by strengthening the column with the injecting/meng-grouting with epoxy liquid and widen the size column/pillar.
  4. For cracked on small columns and beams, with the addition of stucco done enough so that the reinforcement iron not related to outside air which can cause rust.

The rift Floor Rift floor especially on the 2nd floor was marked by the outbreak of the rift caused ceramic concrete floor below. This could have caused the earthquake, or quality/quality of concrete which do not meet the standards or it could be due to a technical error at the time of manufacture of concrete flooring such as concrete iron Wicker order errors, position the connection of concrete castings or formwork/moulds of concrete removed before the concrete is completely hardened.

Here is the solution:

  • For the cracked concrete floors, first by removing the broken tiles and then scrape the cracks, inoculate/meng-grouting with epoxy liquid in cracks and covering it with stucco and installing ceramic tile back.
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