Food that makes you look younger

Food that makes you look younger - Many people of course want a face and body seem ageless, both men and women and nutrition experts suggested that the food consumed by a person is an important factor that makes a person look youthful.Natural ways to prevent osteoporosis

It is presented by Michele Promaulayko who was the author of a book entitled 20 Pounds Younger. According to him, someone who wants to keep his health should be conducted regularly. Including consume foods that have good nutrition for the body.

1. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a syrup that has a golden brown color and have a sweet taste. Maple syrup contain antioxidants, zinc, vitamins and minerals that are also capable of adding to the body's immune system so that it becomes better. This would be more palatable syrup consumed with yoghurt, pancakes or with grilled bread.How to prevent blackheads on face

2. Cucumber

Tired eyes could cool by using sliced cucumber. In addition, according to the study from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, cucumbers contain fisetin, flavonols that may prevent the occurrence of cases of decrease in memory and can also prevent the risk of Alzheimer's disease. silica content found on the skin of cucumbers can maintain the suppleness of the skin and can also repair the cells in the skin and bones. You can consume the cucumber used as salads, juices or fresh vegetables. Depending on your taste.

3. Coconut oil

International Journal of Dermatology States that use pure coconut oil and used for seven weeks could be able to keep moisture in the skin to 32%. Other than that, it also has the scent of coconut oil which is quite fragrant and has a savory flavor and quite tasty.

4. Interest that could in the consumption

Now it's been a lot of chefs who came from various parts of the world utilizing various kinds of flowers that can be consumed and used as a garnish in salads and mixed dishes. A recent study by the Journal of Food Science some types of flowers that can be consumed to have the content of phenolics and antioxidant Antiaging also such as gallic acid, chlorogecic and also the routine. In addition, the petals of certain flowers on the types of foods also contain anti-inflammatory substances that are quite high and can prevent from heart disease and cancer. If there is no interest in accordance with these criteria, you can consume various types of green vegetables that contain almost the same pitokimia and also the content of calcium and fiber.How to increase metabolism naturally

5. Dried shiitake mushrooms

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Biological Trace Elemental Research suggests that parts of the organs of the body require levels of copper that should be dicukup each day. One of the foods that contain a considerable amount of copper required the body turned out to be found in shiitake mushroom. And can control the growth of the change so it's not a fast greying.

6. Fruit and vegetable is red and orange

According to the results of a study conducted by the journal of evolution and human behaviour & fruit and vegetables that have the color red and people can make the skin become more radiant and supple.

7. Olive oil

The study was done in 32 years ago by the seven countries study, suggests that the content of unsaturated fats in olive oil, one-is capable of lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer are affected. In addition, olive oil also contains polyphenols, where it is one of the polyphenol anti-oxidant compounds.How to maintain healthy eyes

8. Yoghurt

Yogurt is one of processed milk products are processed by means of fermented and has a fair amount of content of calcium. Yaohurt is also believed to be able to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and bacterial content in this yogurt i.e. bacteria lactobacillus can keep the digestion in order to remain healthy. In addition, the inflammation that occurs in the intestine is also believed capable of reduced by consuming yoghurt.

9. Fish

Since thirty years ago, many experts who do research on various product variants of fish in Alaska that is still associated with heart disease. And the result has been found that fish contain omega-3 can help prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries and in which are also able to maintain the rhythm of the heart beat the body to stay normal.

10. Cocoa

Many people who have stayed removed in Panama Beach, have a history of heart disease risk. However, the risk can be reduced to achieve nine times, after consuming cocoa. This is because cocoa flavanols has a fairly high and can maintain the health of blood vessels. This reduces the risk of useful get high blood pressure, kidney disease and dementia as well.

11. Blueberries

A study conducted in 1999 at Tufts University's jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging found that, when consuming blueberry extract is believed to be able to extend the life of a person for up to 10 years. In addition the inflammation that occurs can be reduced and oxidative damage that still has something to do with memory and motor function in brain function.
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