How to choose the type of tea to lose weight

How to choose the type of tea to lose weight - Tea for weight loss, the drinks are quite well known can lose weight applies. The tea is believed to have a substance specific acupuncture is beneficial for the body. Usually we've known green only because many have health benefits, but it is not only green, but other types can also make your body became more slender.

Eating patterns became one of the rules that must be applied if you want to lose weight, in addition it choose the drink also is essential for fat burning occurs optimally. In addition, many other types of green that is believed to have efficacy in order to keep the body ideal keep and trim. Generally the-it has the low calorie and has many benefits.

11 Tea below you can use to help you lose weight in order to be more ideal.

1 Star Anise Tea

Star anise is the fruit of illicium verum beradal originating from the region of China. Star Anise tea has benefits that are good for digestion, cure abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea as well. In addition, star anise tea can be consumed to help in losing weight your body.

2 Pepermint Tea

Pepermint tea, namely tea that has a taste of menthol, tea flavor is fairly fresh if consumed and can control the food that you consume. Besides burning calories would be faster if you consume pepermint.

3 Green tea

Much research has been conducted related to benefits of green tea that has many health benefits to the body you can read it here, other than that green tea can also lose weight.

4 Tea Rose

Tea roses are believed to beautify the skin and can clean the toxins in the body, in addition, tea roses can also cure constipation and can also lower your body weight so that you can become thinner.

5 Oolong tea

The origin of Oolong tea from China. The name of Oolong is of course already known among the Chinese. The study mentions that Oolong Tea has its benefits better than green tea, oolong tea because it can burn fat faster, can lower cholesterol level in the body, tipe2 diabetes and coronary artery disease.

6 Tea bilberry

Bilberry has a shape that is almost similar to the blueberry fruit, but this fruit has its own uniqueness. When consumed with routine, can suppress your desire to consume foods that taste sweet. Of course this can help a lot for those of you who have a fondness for sweet foods to consume. In addition it has anthocyanosides bladder teas, which are compounds that have high enough levels of antioxidants.

7 Tea hibiscus

Usually the hibiscus is often seen as a decoration in pekarang, hibiscus or hibiscus has a mineral content and flavonoids. Hundreds of years ago, Egypt has been using Hibiscus flowers as tea and famous name karkade. According to the news, drink this tea can help in absorbing the fat in the body.

8 Pekak

Pekak is typically used to boost the food, but it can also be made pekak tea and delicious enough to be consumed. Pekak have antimicrobial benefits as that play a role in digestion. In addition, pekak can also help in disposing of a moisture content not needed by the body. But be careful, don't give this kind of tea in children, because there is some kind of toxic.

9 Tea Pu-erh

Benefits of tea to burn fat in the body is Pu-erh. You've probably heard the name pu-erh or pu-er? It turns out the fermented tea beradal from the region of Southwest China has many benefits for health. Besides being able to burn body fat is also capable of lowering cholesterol levels that exist in the blood. but the price is quite expensive, but many people are fond of this type of tea.

10 White tea

White tea is a tea that has no color and most clear compared to the other tea types. However, it is a matter of clear tea benefits are not inferior to the other tea types. Some of the benefits of white tea can slow down the absorption of fat content in the body. In addition, this tea can relieve stress. White tea is quite popular in some countries including Nepal, Taiwan and China.

11 Tea rosella

Rosella is usually sold over the counter in the form of a still intact, namuan rosella is also now turns out already for sale in the form of tea. This tea is able to raise the level of immunity in the body and can lower high blood pressure. However, consumption in the reasonable limits of course.

Well, the above is a type of tea that can help lose weight, with the presence of information on a wide variety of tea we wish you could lose weight your body to be more ideal. In addition, tea-tea above can also be consumed to keep my weight remains the ideal and not quick rise. Other health benefits can also be obtained from the above types of tea.
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