How to fix dry hair branching

How to fix dry hair branching - Hairs branching is one less good hair health conditions that may happen to anyone. The cause is certainly a lot, for example, because of a mistake in wearing the hair care products or lack of awareness to regular shampooing. In fact, the use of the wrong comb can also make your hair be sleek and less branched out to be seen.

Any other cause that might make your hair damaged and branching is due to lack of intake of the nutrients in the hair. Consumption of food or drink is very influential on the State of your hair. Therefore, look for foods that did contain a lot of nutrients, whether it's vitamins or minerals. You can get it on various types of food, including fruit, vegetables and nuts.How to prevent blackheads on face

Fix dry damaged hair naturally ?Actually there are many causes why hair can be branched out, for example, because of the shape or style of hair, use of tools and beauty habits or a poor life pattern. For that, see how many of the causes of this branched hairs, it would be nice for you to do prevention regularly. But if you already, you can implement some way of overcoming the hair dry and branched loss as described in the points below.

1. Cut regularly

To remove hair branching without cut is certainly less recommended because typically branched hairs present on the edges. Therefore, to remove the hair that branched out, you should perform regular hair cuts. Many beauty experts who recommended to cut the hair approximately six to eight weeks. Cut at least 1 inch or approximately 0.6 up to 2.5 cm. In this way, split or forked hairs will be avoided and the new hair will grow healthy and strong.

2. To avoid chemicals

There are many products specifically made to beautify the hair, including shampoo, conditioner, coloring and more. Most of these products contain chemicals as one composition and indeed researched well useful. However, there will be an impact other damage that arises, for example, the hair becomes dry, easy loss, broken and branching. Therefore, You try to find a natural hair beauty products or at least not too many contain chemicals.

3. Use water really clean

When you want to wash your hair, try to find out if the water is clean or has mixed with chemical substances. You can also use filters to filter the water when washing the hair. The function of the filter is to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water can damage the hair and make it forked. In addition, avoid high concentrations of calcium carbonate, because it can make the water becomes acidic.How to increase metabolism naturally 

4. Massaged with oil

The oil is able to restore moisture to hair, so the hair can grow healthy and free dry and branching. You can choose the type of oil that might be suitable or is there in the kitchen, for example olive oil, almonds and coconut. You can also combine all three to get maximum results. Use a massage with this oil before going to bed, then let sit overnight. In the morning you can rinse until clean. But if you don't have a lot of time, use it for one hour only and ends with a massaging shampoo use was more than enough.

5. Egg mask

How to fix hair branched out further is to use eggs. You can mix the egg yolks with 3 tablespoons olive oil and 1 tbsp of honey. Use this herbal mixture to massage Your hair and scalp. Let stand until it became a dry mask for half an hour while you use a shower cap. Continue with the wash it using a little bit of shampoo.

6. Papaya mask

In addition to using the mask of the eggs, you can overcome the hair mask with branched from the papaya fruit. You can smooth the two slices of papaya with blender. After that, add 2 tbsp of yogurt to enhance improved. Apply the herb to the entire section of hair and scalp. The lid using the shower cup, then let sit for up to 30 minutes. Continue with rinse using clean water and shampoo. Papaya is also believed to be able to make hair shinier, moister and grow healthy.How to make a mask yam easy

7. The yogurt mask

Yogurt can also be used as ingredients to care for your hair. Because the hair is not properly hydrated and nutritional deficiencies will be at risk of damage occurs even loss. The way of using them is also very easy using a mix of papaya fruit which has crushed about 250gram mixed with about half a cup of yogurt, then you can use it as a mask for hair. Use a towel or a tool that can be used to wrap your hair and let sit for 30 minutes. Then clean your hair with water until clean.

8. Honey mask

Honey mask can be used to overcome hair branching, the trick is also very easy using two tablespoons of honey, and then two tablespoons of yogurt and a little lemon. Then combine the honey and yoghurt and squeeze lemon on it. Mix until it resembles pastda then use on the scalp and the hair section. If the mask has been made too thick, add water and let sedikitt for 1/4 minutes and rinse using water to clean.
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