How to grow hair thicker in a week

How to make thick hair naturally - Maintaining the body's health is one of the things that is very important especially hair health. Consume healthy foods is one of the factors that is fairly important and influential on health including the health of the hair. Because there have been many who know that consuming less healthy foods can affect health, such as dull skin and also hair loss problem even the possibility of damage to the hair.How to make healthy hair by naturally

1. Orange

How to get thicker hair naturally??Orange is one of the fruits that can increase hair growth and can also resolve the problem of hair loss. Thus, orange juice or extract from Orange can be used to make your hair become healthier.

2. Lemon

Lemon is also the one fruit that has a lot of benefits for the health of the skin and hair as well. How to use also is easy i.e. just by rubbing the lemon pieces on the scalp to address hair loss, dandruff, tackle overcome the dry scalp and also itching on the scalp. How to fix dry hair branching

3. Berries

In addition to the lemon, berries can also treat the occurrence of loss on the hair and makes hair growth become more inflated. This type of fruit contain natural chemicals i.e. bioflavonoids that can increase blood circulation to the skin and resolve the various problems of hair loss naturally.

4. Plum

Healthy hair can also be obtained from plums. Plums can you consume to make hair become healthier. In addition, you can also add the juice of plums on the mask your hair so that the hair loss can be reduced.

5. Banana

How to make hair thick naturally fast??To make hair become shiny again, bananas can also take advantage of. The trick is to put on the hair and the scalp. Banana is believed to be able to treat hair loss naturally and be able to restore the luster of the hair.

6. Guava

Guavas contain vitamin A which can help in growing new hair healthy and also has a function as a mucous membrane. You can add a few drops of honey and lemon juice also on mask for hair when having problems with dandruff. In order to get the optimal results you can apply this mixture on the hair.

7. Papaya

Papaya has lots of benefits for health. One of them is the famous papaya extracts with natural exfoliator for skin health and also the hair. When mixed with milk and honey, mix these ingredients can not only address the problem on the scalp but may also reduce the occurrence of loss the hair naturally. Their use is quite easy: with a smooth papaya mixed with milk and honey, then you can rub it on your hair. After that, let it dry and you can rinse with cold water.Healthy foods muscle building

8. Peaches

Peaches is one of the fruits are utilized to resolve the problem on the scalp. As it known that if the scalp is not clean, can make hair loss. Thus, use of this mask can help make better scalp hygiene up to to the root.

9. Whole grains

One of the things that are important to hair growth that is consuming whole grains. Seeds contain iron, zinc and silica are also capable of accelerating the onset of hair growth. To get the benefits of whole grains, you can consume oats and brown rice in order for hair to grow into dense. In addition, the seeds contain vitamin B7 that quite a lot to help prevent hair loss.

10. Sprouts

Sprouts has plenty of vitamin B, zinc and also magneisum. The content of vitamins and minerals can also be petrified accelerate hair growth so that it becomes healthier. Other than that, there is a vitamin on the sprouts can also make hair become stronger, prevent hair loss and broken.

11. Eggs and milk

Protein content is pretty much on the eggs and milk. Protein is one of the nutrients that are able to make hair growth becomes healthier. By consuming protein can also prevent the occurrence of an infection on the scalp and can also speed up hair growth. Some foods that contain high protein other of cheeses and also soy.
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