How to make healthy hair by naturally

How to healthy hair naturally - Effective way of enabling Quick Hair long and healthy, Have black hair, long, smooth, thick and healthy of course is the desire of many women at this time. Even not only women, men's new trim his hair a lot also who wants his hair long fast and thick. However, some of us are sometimes difficult to get the length of the hair. Whereas, in science mentioned that the average human being has one million hair follicles, where each hair follicle 20 bore all his life.How to prevent blackheads on face

Though now it has many quick ways in various places but some hair care natural way below could try to speed up the growth of your hair in a way that is easy and natural.How to increase metabolism naturally Check out the full description below:

1 Food

How to get healthy hair by food??A healthy diet plays an important role for natural hair growth. A balanced diet is able to make the scalp and the hair becomes thick and healthy. There are some foods that should you consume if you want to find the hair grows quickly, such as setting up the fresh fruit and vegetable.

We know that fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients well and most of them have an important role to promote hair growth, such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12. In addition, you should also start to go on a diet by consuming foods that are rich in protein, such as milk, cheese, soy and fish. The protein here will help the hair keratin researched turned out to be formed from the proteins.

2 Drink

Hair formed 95 percent of the protein and the rest of the water. Therefore, in addition to consuming foods that are rich in protein, you should also keep your hair and scalp hydrated with water. Try to consume water with enough every day to get the hair growth quickly and to avoid dehydration.

3 Sports

Effective way of enabling quick hair length is diligently working out. You can do a lot of sport to help improve blood circulation and helps nutrients penetrate into scalp. Among the sports is jogging, yoga, walking, relaxing, dancing and cycling. Do these exercises for 20 minutes.

4 Regular Bed

Lack of sleep can be the cause investigated easy loss hair. Therefore, try to make an effort to sleep early and wake up early anyway. Give a grace period for 8 hours to sleep at night. Don't forget to use pillows that don't make damaged hair, for example, use the cushion of silk or other soft cloth.

5 Regularly Prune

If the hair is in a State of broken and dry, it will be more difficult to grow quickly. Therefore, for mengakalinya hair trimming, do routinely, a minimum of 3 months.

6 Wash your hair on a regular basis

How to do for healthy hair??Wash your hair on a regular basis can make matters worse hair remains clean and healthy. Indirectly the nutrients needed by the hair to grow more quickly can be used effectively. You can do a shampoo regularly, about 2 times a week. If you have heavy activity, so that the hair is dirty, you can easily add a portion of shampooing.

7 Do not use warm water

Warm water is believed to be able to open the pores on the scalp and can result in a loss on the hair. Therefore wash using lukewarm water is not recommended because it believed could damage the health of the hair.

8 Protein Consumption

Hair growth was aided by the presence of the amino acids produced from protein. Amino acid will produce keratin keratin is where most of the hair. Therefore it is very important to consume protein because protein intake with the hair growth then become healthier, not dull and become more shine.

9 Keep the scalp

A dry scalp can inhibit the occurrence of hair growth. Because it is usually a dry scalp is caused due to the presence of dandruff on the scalp. So keeping the scalp so as not to dry is one of the important things was done so that the hair can grow faster How to maintain healthy eyes.
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