How to make a mask yam easy

How to make a mask yam easy - Yam scientific language can be referred to by the name of Pachyrhizus erosus, is one of the many plant bulbs that can be consumed. In Indonesia, the white bulbs or cormus is well known to be hot or Rojak. In addition, it turns good content contained on yam can also be used as one of the basic ingredients of skin care creams and masks.Natural ways to prevent osteoporosis

For those of you who want to do skin care but confused wanting to use what and lazy to buy beauty products that are chemical in nature, then this is one choice yam natural ingredients. You can consumption regularly to maintain the health of the skin from within. In addition, you can also create a natural mask using yam and apply it consistently. Want to know how to make a mask yam yourself at home? Following a full review for you Benefits of coconut water for health

Tools and materials that must be prepared:

1. A engkoang (could be more depending on requirement)
2. Grated or blender
3. A bowl or Cup
4. Sieve
5. The blade

How To Manufacture:

1.) Prepare all the equipment that is on the list above. You can use more than one yam. Later the remaining extract yam can be stored in the refrigerator for use at another time.

2.) Using the wash yam clean water flowing. Don't forget the rest of the skin Peel yam until no remaining use knives that you have prepared earlier.

3.) After being washed clean, use a grater to memarut yam while put in a bowl or Cup. If you have a blender, then this tool can more easily help. Don't forget to throw away trash or garbage cans into the complexion.

4.) Let stand the yam juice in the bowl in some time. Later water will be separated from the lees or later dregs will settle to the bottom of the Cup. If it settles perfectly, remove part of the water and leave the dregs sediment.

5.) It is these Dregs yam is used as the main ingredient to make natural masks at home.

Start applying the mask yam

1.) Clean the first face you use cleansing cream or just clean water. Try so that dirt or scars makeup really was gone from the surface of the skin of the face.How to prevent blackheads on face

2.) If it is, apply the cream natural yam to all parts of the face, including the front and back of the neck. Don't forget to make sure that your hands are clean in the circumstances.

3.) Let stand the mask for approximately 30 minutes until contents yam absorbs well into the skin. Sign the absorption you can know easily, i.e. when the masks began to dry up.

4.) Then you just need to wash it clean face and neck until completely clean from the mask. After it is dry it using a soft towel.
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