How to prevent blackheads on the face skin

How to prevent blackheads on face - Blackhead is itself a stain that appears on the skin and most often present on the face. Sometimes the blackheads cause pain. But more common are harming the appearance and comfort. While the cause of his own. But certainly because of the clogged pores by dead skin cells, dirt, oil, bacteria, and thus appear colored spots of black or white.To address blackheads can we use many ways. However, as mentioned previously the blackhead easier reappear and very likely leave scars.How to increase metabolism naturally

How to prevent blackheads on the face skin

1 Clean your face regularly

How to prevent blackheads on cheeks??Wash your face regularly every day is very important to remove excess oil and dirt. It is also influential in preventing the formation of blackheads and blockage of the pores of the skin.How to maintain healthy eyes

You can choose cleaner face with a gentle nature and a neutral pH levels. It could also purchase a cleaning product that contains salicylic acid, which can help keep clean the pores and prevent acne.

When Your skin type is oily, then use oil-free cleanser. As for the dry skin should try Glycerin based cleansers or creams. Don't use ordinary SOAP as it can clog pores. When rinsing, use warm water, but never too hot

2 Avoid excessive washing

In line with the importance of washing your face, it's also important to avoid excessive washing. Too often the face wash can be hard and mengiritas, removes oil, even aggravating the blackheads and pimples. At least wash your face 2 times a day only.

3 Clean your makeup before going to bed

How to prevent blackheads around lips??Sleep in a State still worn makeup on the face can increase the risk of the appearance of blackheads caused blockage of the pores. Therefore, before bed should remove makeup or makeup to really clean. You can use a makeup remover and cleanser gently another.

Remover can help eliminate makeup later water resistant. Don't forget Your makeup supplies, clean once a month, especially cosmetic sponge makeup or applicators using soapy water. The point of preventing bacterial proliferation developments.

4 Take a shower after activity

Apr├Ęs usually sweaty body, including on the part of the face and scalp. Sweat itself can carry the bacteria and oil, so that the possibility of the appearance of blackheads. Therefore, it is important for you to take a bath after strenuous activity, particularly on parts of the face which is prone to blackheads, such as the nose, forehead, and Chin.

5 Applying Moisturiser per day

After washing your face, You should apply the appropriate type of moisturized skin. Hydration properties of moisturized will help prevent blackheads breed. In fact, when your skin type is oily, you may need a Moisturiser. But choose moisturized with labels is non-comedogenic and oil-free. To find out the type of your facial skin is much more accurate, you can try to consult a doctor.

6  Exfoliate on a regular basis

Dead skin can clog pores, which increases the risk of the appearance of blackheads. To overcome this problem, you can exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and bacteria. Later eksfoliator will remove the skin's surface and neither will penetrate to the deeper layers.

You can choose the product eksfoliator is soft, so it does not irritate the skin. Scrub too vigorously can even cause blackheads. For that, you could feel the Nee eksfoliatornya, is too rough or not. To clear the results can exfoliate using a soft washcloth.

7 Absorbs excess oil

When your skin type is oily, then try using topical products that are useful in absorbing excess oil. In addition to removing excess oil, such products can generally be devastatingly bacteria and dead skin that is also a cause of the appearance of blackheads.

For the herb oil absorbent usually contain Salicylic or benzoyl peroxide that is usually also used to get rid of acne on oily facial skin type.

8 Use the product not allergy and non-comedogenic

Cosmetics, sunscreen, toner, Moisturiser and weapons could be packed masters in preventing blackheads when you are not careful in choosing a product. But there is an easy way to select it, that is let you purchase products with the label anti allergy and non-comedogenic. Its functions in order that those products do not clog the pores and it doesn't irritate.

Non-comedogenic products usually have been tested will not cause pimples and blackheads or memperburuknya. While the anti-allergic or hypoallergenic products intended for sensitive skin, so skin is not irritated skin while the use of the product.

9 Do not touch the face

Either there or not there, let blackhead don't touch the face using your fingers. Why? Because touch will only aggravate the State of your skin, making the oil spread, and the bacteria grow. When forced to touch, make sure hands are clean in the circumstances.

10 Healthy Diet

As prevention from the outside, the prevention of blackhead in is also very important. Factor in the food and drink we consume can so greatly affect whether or not there are blackheads. For example, when you eat a lot of junk food, then the chances of blackheads appear will be even greater. Why? Because on junk food is usually rich in sugar and fat. Both can slow cell turnover, so the pores clogged more risky. Therefore, junk food such as fried foods and sweets should, don't overdo it.

Vitamin A and beta-carotene have a role instead. Usually both these compounds exist in fruit and vegetables, such as carrots and raspberries. Both are useful in cell turnover, which causes the skin healthier.

Foods rich in essential fatty acids such as olive oil and wallnut believed to keep skin stay hydrated. Do not forget also the consumption of foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, to resist the attack of free radicals. White water consumption by as much as 8 glasses per day is also very important for skin health.
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