How to prevent mastitis when weaning

How to prevent mastitis when weaning - Mastitis is the medical term for inflammation of the breast in women who usually just had a baby. Mastitis is characterized by the presence of symptoms of swollen breasts, the onset of pain, and redness around the breast. Mastitis occurs due to an obstruction in the channels of milk until her nipples were experiencing blockages. If not promptly resolved can actually cause significant increases body temperature reached 38 degrees celsius and generate a sense of weariness.Benefits of drinking honey tea

Mastitis is usually suffered by women who recently gave birth to the where condition can occur on one or both of her breasts at once.Noteworthy is the presence of a study that says that 1 of 20 women who are breastfeeding are having mastitis.How to cure insomnia naturallyEven a woman can have rabies more than once. So you have to be clever-clever in maintaining the cleanliness of the breast nipples while breast-feeding and keeping body condition that is usually the cause of this disease.How to overcome low hemoglobin

Types of mastitis
Mastitis is composed of two types:

  1. Infective mastitis mastitis, that caused by the presence of germs that get into the milk duct through the intercession of the mouth or nose of an infant when breastfeeding.
  2. Non-infective mastitis, namely the presence of mastitis caused by germs that get into the milk duct through the intercession of the mouth or nose of an infant when breastfeeding. Non-infective mastitis occurs due to a clogged milk duct or also because of nursing position is wrong. No wonder, mastitis is usually common in women who are first time breastfeeding.

Symptoms and prevention of mastitis
A few things that be an indication of a woman who was exposed to rabies is as follows:

  1. When touched, her tits felt warm
  2. The onset of swelling of the breast
  3. The onset of pain or constant heat while breastfeeding
  4. The reddish-coloured leather
  5. The onset of fever with temperatures up to 38 degrees celsius or even more

Prevention of mastitis
As with other types of disease, mastitis prevention can also be done to minimize the disease lodged in your breasts. Here are a few things you can do to prevent mastitis:

  1. Sufficient hours of rest due to exhaustion can be a cause of mastitis.
  2. Using a bra that fits the size of the breast.
  3. Always keep clean breasts with how clean it with cotton and warm water before or after feeding.
  4. So try to keep breasts dry though in the circumstances have been breastfeeding.
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