How to reduce data usage on android os

How to save data usage in android - In the past, before there was a BlackBerry, pulse Rp20 thousands to Rp50 thousand it seemed was enough for a month. But the arrival of the BlackBerry devices make us have to subscribe to a package of FUEL with nominal pulse reaches the $ 10 per month.

It continues to the present, where a user's smartphone Android, iOS, BB, or Windows Phone should always be connected to the Internet if you do not want to die. With the trend of browsing, streaming, online gaming and the uncontrollable, you need Internet quota. In order for Internet quota is not quickly run out, you can try the following seven habits.

1 Turn off the auto-update feature and auto-download

How to reduce data usage in android mobile??Android, iOS, and other smartphone platforms usually features auto-updates for the application. We recommend that you only update the application when connected to WiFi only. For that, turn off those features. On Android smartphone, you can turn it off via the menu settings in the application of Google Play.

In addition to auto-update the application, you should also disable auto-download WhatsApp application. In fact, downloading pictures, voice messages, as well as videos on WhatsApp is not spending a lot of Internet quota.

But if you have a lot of groups which are usually widely WhatsApp images and video in it and You often download each message during a month, Internet quota used will accumulate into a big, could reach 100 MB.

2 Use the quota monitoring applications

The entire Android smartphones with OS 4.0 and above are already equipped with a limiting and monitoring features of Internet quota that can be found in the menu of the data usage from the menu settings. You can use it to monitor and limit your monthly Internet usage.

But you can also use additional applications such as 3 g Watchdog. The application has a similar function, which is to monitor and restrict the quota usage of Internet in real-time that keep updated every second. You can find out what applications are most spent much of Internet quota.

3 Use special browsers save data

As it turns out, the browser application that you use can also affect your monthly Internet quota usage. Fortunately, there are some browser application created with special features to save Internet quota usage.

Some you can try IE Max's Opera, Opera Mini, Onavo Extend (courtesy Facebook), Opera, and Google Chrome Browsers. The fifth of these browsers have the capability of compresses an unused Web page that you open.

4 Watch YouTube offline

If you or your child even fond of watching YouTube videos (streaming) over and over again, it's good you use offline mode. This mode makes the video as if stored in your smartphone.

So, each time watching the video on YouTube, You no longer need the buffer. In fact, you can watch it even though it does not have an Internet connection.

5 Maximal saving

The nature of a cheapskate is indeed not a good thing. But if it is too good, you can be easily utilized. Therefore, being a bit "stingy" it's a legitimate thing is fine. Stingy we mean here is your ability to be refused if there is a friend who has a habit of "nebeng" Internet for things that are not important.

Every Android smartphone are WiFi hotspots can be. When the WiFi signal is radiated and detected by a friend who often ride, usually they will directly go into the WiFi network you have. If this happen often and proved to be spending Internet quota You, it's good you replace the WiFi password at regular intervals.

6 So hunters WiFi

How to save internet data usage on android??This last point opposite the fifth points above. If you not bear or perhaps ashamed to always ride the Internet from WiFi friends, then please use the facilities of public property, such as WiFi WiFi WiFi, Office, or restaurant WiFi supermarkets.

If you've never once connected with WiFi, you'll usually return back when connected to that location. The reason, offices, restaurants, and other public facilities are very rarely change the password of WiFi.
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