Natural ways to prevent osteoporosis

Natural ways to prevent osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bone lost its density and then the bones become fragile. If someone is experiencing osteoporosis, then very vulnerable bone broken, besides some physical activity will be impaired. Disease osteoporosis can also cause chronic ill feelings even in the worst circumstances one can see death.How to prevent blackheads on face

Therefore, prevention should be done as early as possible. Because osteoporosis usually attack the aged. How prevention can be done in many ways including eating deterrent of osteoporosis or by using natural ways that can strengthen your bones.How to increase metabolism naturally

1 Suffice the needs vitamin D and calcium

One of the essential nutrients required by the bone is calcium, calcium plays an important role in bone strength, besides vitamin D is also important for helping the body in absorbing calcium from food have been consumed the body. According to the National Institutes of Health Journal, should be on adult consumption of vitamin D and calcium 600 UI 1000 to 1200 milligrams per day.

However, when compared to consume calcium and vitamin D in the form of supplements you better to consume foods that contain calcium directly such as salmon, tuna, milk or other types of foods that have a high calcium such as yogurt, almonds, or soy beans.

2 Do Sports

Sport is one of the factors that are crucial for the health of the body including the health of your bones. One of the sports that could strengthen the bone weights is sports. Exercise will help bone weights when doing adaptation with the weight of your body, besides doing exercise lifting weights can also create cells on a solid body into muscle. This exercise if performed regularly on the young can prevent someone from porous bones in old days later.

However, not just lifting weights to strengthen your bones, but simple exercise such as walking, cycling morning run, and also could make your bones become stronger.

3 Get sunlight in the morning

The next way that you can do to prevent osteoporosis naturally is to get sunlight in the morning with enough. When your skin is exposed to the rays of the morning sun, the skin will produce vitamin D which was beneficial to the health of your body. However, how much the body must get sunlight still a debate, it caused when too much sunlight that interact directly with the skin could be the cause of the appearance of skin cancer.

For in our country that has a tropical climate, sunlight is best for skin can be obtained on the hours under nine hours. On the morning before the nine hours, the Sun is still warm and not too hot. According to research, to people who have light skin basking under the Sun for about 15 minutes is enough, however, for people who have dark skin, it may be more than 15 minutes. Definite keep do not be too linger, as more afternoon sunlight would further heat and harmful to the skin.How to maintain healthy eyes

4 Apply healthy diet healthy for bones

We recommend that everyone should fulfill his daily nutritional needs, some of which consume foods that contain calcium and protein, in addition do not forget to always eat vegetables and fruits. Also note the vitamin D intake enough.

5 Eliminate the customs is not healthy

In order for bone health can be maintained with good, everyone should stay away from things that are unhealthy as smoking. Maintain ideal body weight, because it is too skinny is not good for the bones, this is because the bone will be more susceptible porous.

6 Identify risk factors

Everyone who wants to avoid the risk of osteoporsis should know and learn about osteoporosis. Some common risk factors namely menopause that occurs in a too early age i.e. 45 years down. In addition the use of glucoortioids drugs or rheumatic diseases.

7 Check bone density

By the time someone reaches the time of menopause, you should visit the doctor with a routine for evaluating bone and detecting the possibility of cracks that occurred on the bone. People who have been diagnosed experience a porous bone it is recommended to do the treatments well as has been suggested by the examining physician.
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