10 Dangers of eating chili that is terrible for health

10 Dangers of eating chili that is terrible for health - The dangers of Chili can appear when someone eats it in excessive amounts of health complaints resulting in a disruptive activity. Complementary liquid hot pepper seasoning rich benefits. Moreover, it can enhance the flavor of the chili turned out dishes can discuss healthy blood circulation, Increase appetite, ease the person to sleep soundly and rapidly.How to treat hives naturally at home


Danger of hot pepper
The worst impact of the Chili can turn into a disaster for the health of your body if excessive consumption, include:

1. Increased stomach acid

Consume too much Chili can injure or irritate the gastric wall that triggers increased stomach acid rapidly causing stomach pain feels very chain that came to arise.

2. Acute gastritis/Diarrhea

The dangers of chili unbiased separated by the name of the character that has the effect of hot chili pepper. Effect of heat can make the stomach into the wounds, Eroded, Perforated and embossed the inflammation that can lead to the gradual emergence of nausea, pain, Wound, flatulence and potentially causing diarrhea.How to cope with child diarrhea

3. Insomnia

Eating too much chili danger led to the most commonly experienced by humans in the world someone trouble sleeping at night. The effect of heat on the Chili was able to control the condition of the brain to stay awake and active thought, as a result of continuous occurs if then diseases insomnia cannot be avoided.How to treat insomnia naturally

4. Loss of appetite/Skinny

Vulnerable children were stricken with the loss of appetite if are observed consuming chili because too much can cause a decreased interest in kids to try the flavors of other cuisines that have a taste fresher or sweet. This state if it continues then the body will be more than and small.

5. Gastric acid Reflux

Eating a food that has a nutty taste as most chili can stimulate gastric contents into the esophagus and outflows towards that cause taste burned as hot as on the channel of the esophagus. Conditions that can stimulate the emergence of a common chili hazard namely irritation and inflammation in the throat area.

6. Headache

The substance of alkaloid and compound capsaicin in chilies can cause choked blood flow and vessel toward the head, will consequently appear a headache and soreness and pain like someone was pressing the back of the neck. One of the dangers of chili which proved most often strikes women is a type of a migraine headache.How to prevent acne from appearing again

7. Disorders of the oral cavity

Fed chili in excess could bring the danger of troubling enough chili that is damaging the mucosa in the mouth cavity including the lips, mouth, gums to swell as a result could trigger the appearance of canker sores or wounds of pain that resulted in someone being not appetite.

8. Disorders of the liver and large intestine

Substance aflatoxin in Chili was able to damage the liver and colon walls if the chilies are consumed in vain or excessive. The danger lies in much more chilies taste hot that is easy to erode that can penetrate the liver and colon wall causing a person afflicted by difficulty defecating.How to take a nap in the middle of the day

9. Disturbance sensitivity of the tongue

Eating too many chilies can trigger the emergence of chili the most extreme danger, namely the loss of sensitivity to sensory taste lowers the quality of the sensitivity in the tongue to feel some sense of a different cuisine. Tongue suffered numbness while and loses its ability to detect the flavor of a food or even drink.

10. Excess sweating

The most common chilies danger arises due to the effects of heat on the chilies tend to cause sweat glands become more active to produce sweat. Excess sweat can trigger the emergence of body odor is not.
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