Chronic tension type headache

How do you know what type of headache you have - Types of headaches is the character's reaction to the pain that strikes the head according to common symptoms can strike anyone. Headaches can appear with a frequency of pain mild, moderate to severe and can cause a person to lose consciousness.How to stop pimples coming on face


Different types of headaches and symptoms

The headaches have different symptoms according to the type of:

1. Types a migraine headache

Types of a migraine and symptoms a migraine is a headache attack due to one side of the head or even both with pain throbbing pulse and can disappear when a person is resting, sleeping on a minimal light and away from the sound of noise.How to lighten skin overnight

Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, pain on one side of the head, pain throbbing head felt and visions become distracted (blur).

2. Type headache of tense

Headaches that appear due to having taken place the emphasis on the nerves and muscles of the head so that the nerves of the head become rigid and Constrict which usually caused someone less sleeps or due to headaches that appear due to excessive body activities, for example, tired work or sexual activity that is too long.

Symptoms: Stiff on the back of the head and neck area, sore head if touched by hands, sense of weight on the back of the neck, Feels pain if the head is turned to the left, right or above.How to get red lips naturally in a week

3. The type of a recurring headache

Medically called rebound headaches that occur repeatedly and unexpectedly arise but it could disappear by itself. This type of a headache can be caused by someone who has the habits and tendencies or dependent taking medication when pain relief headache pain will reappear so that when someone is experiencing a late meal are stress, Difficulty sleeping or drinking less water.

Symptoms: anxiety, confused, irritable, sudden headache, Sore back, sore neck in the speedy recovery when the head is compressed with cold water and rest more or less 30 minutes.

4. Type headache vertigo

Vertigo is due to headaches that cause a person to become such a body and feel his sight swivel so the balance of his body being disturbed.Types of headaches and causes, vertigo can occur due to fatigue or disruption has occurred on the part of the brain due to the growth of the cyst or benign tumors.

Symptoms: looking around like a spinning dial, body swaying, unable to concentrate, the head feels heavy and pale face

5. Types headaches since the age

When a person aged above 55 years then the pressure will experience increased eyeballs naturally or suffer glaucoma.Types of headaches by symptoms??Where the condition could potentially cause headaches.

Symptoms: Frequent dizziness, head of the back and front of the pain, the Pain incurred sunk, sleepy, easy Easy thirst and body swayingHow to healthy hair naturally
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