How To Toenail Health

Healthy toenails treatment - Toenail health is something very important to keep it clean.Well-maintained nails will look beautiful. Beautiful nails and clean can also describe the cleanliness and condition of one's health. In addition, beautiful nails can also add confidence.

The nails as well as the hair as body jewelry should not ignore us and should be cared for properly. Especially for women, the nail is usually the part that is often done treatment. The main function of the nails, namely to protect the fingertips, which fingers have a creamy texture and are full of nerve fibers. Nails reflect and represent the health hygiene in General.

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The hand is one part of the body most often exposed to various things when her daily activities, from typing at the computer, hold the money to manage the food in the kitchen. It is therefore very important to keep clean hands especially the nails. Note care techniques and materials used in the care of your nails.

How to toenail health

Nail care after working

Toenail Health

If you are a woman who often does a lot of housework that is pretty heavy. Then, you need to provide care in your hands and nails so as not to be rude.

The trick is to use a mixture of honey and the juice of an orange that has been in the mix. Mute your hands into the liquid for a few minutes, do this routine at least once a week to get the maximum results. Don't wear makeup while exercising

Remove stains on nails

Toenail Health

Nails that are not clean and stained is one of the causes of the nails become noticeably less attractive. But you're not a tag line to use harsh ingredients that contain many chemical compounds to remove it. You can use natural ingredients made from the juice of a lime. Soak your nails for 15 minutes and let the compound in orange substance and started working to reduce body stains the stick on your nails.

Cut nails

Toenail Health

Let the nails too long also is actually not good for your health, many women are still wrong for this by keeping their nails to very long for cosmetic reasons. Healthy toenails home remedies

Whereas the nails too long this enlarging opportunities influx of germs of disease and under the nails. In addition, the long nails were great risk being broken and chipped when accidentally hit with objects that are around.
For the sake of maintaining health and beauty, then you should always control the length of your nails with cut it regularly.

Caring for the nails from the inside

Toenail Health

Toenail health not only enough on doing from the outside. You should also perform the treatment of nutritional intake in having regard to that get into the body. Enough needs the nutrients in need by nails.

Some foods that are excellent for maintaining healthy nails which are milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts, bananas, as well as various other foodstuffs containing high calcium. You must also meet the needs of body fluids by drinking at least 8 glasses each day.

Use the herb olive oil

Toenail Health

You may have heard about the benefits of olive oil for the care of the face, the hair, or the body, it turns out that besides olive oil can also be used to care for the fingernails or else our feet because it helps strengthen nails. How to use it is very easy, you just slathered oil extra virgin olive oil on your nails while rubbed gently and let stand for 15 minutes before You wash them with warm water. This treatment should ideally be done 2 days in all.

The consumption of nutritious food

Toenail Health

Problems on toenail health can be an indicator that our health is also less well. Therefore to keep the nails do not easily crack or broken, do also care from within by taking vitamin E, B, and B5. You can get this vitamin supplements in pharmacies or by consuming naturally. One of the ingredients of foods rich in vitamin B and E is green beans, banana, bean sprouts, etc.

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