How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail - The ingrown toenail is a condition in which the angle of finger tips become swollen, pain, and redness, due to the growth side of the nail that juts out into so that hurt the skin. These conditions often experienced by the big toe.Many factors could cause the sides of the nail grows into the skin, the result is often wearing socks or shoes that are narrow, cutting the nail too short or not neatly cut off the sides of the nail, it naturally does have nails that curved inward, and because of the injury.

What causes nail ingrown toenails occur? There are many causes why you can experience the nail ingrown toenails. Among the most common are due to injury on the part about nails and is usually the result of coercion, were hit by something, wear shoes that are too narrow, kicking something hard, with the growth of the fungus on the nails, bites or clipping. When injuries occur, then the skin on the sides of the nail that experience an infection. Later the infection can be compounded by a fungus or bacteria, fungi and bacteria sometimes even worked together to infect the skin of your nails. On the State badly, ingrown toenails issued a pus and the nails pulled out a scent or smell that are pretty intense.

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Ingrown toenail treatment

In addition to swelling, pain, and redness in the corners of the fingertips, the symptoms of other ingrown toenails are the buildup of fluid (edema) and pus came out. These wounds can become infected. The skin around the area that skewered may experience inflammation and grow abnormally.Usually, the pain is going rampant in the ingrown toenails fingers touched something or depressed.

Ingrown toenail removal at home

Warm water soak and salt

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail

How to treat hoof ingrown toenails most simple but powerful is to provide warm water in a bowl and add salt to taste. Salt was able to neutralize the bacteria causes ingrown toenails and relieve pain swelling interrupted nails. Soak nails ingrown toenails until about10 to 15 minutes to allow the benefits of salt and warm water quickly seeped and can effect well on ingrown toenails.

Ginger and coconut oil

Puree the ginger and then mix with coconut oil to taste. This simple concoction can be smeared on the ingrown toenails nails a few times. The herb is one of how to treat the nail ingrown toenails secure because it can be used by all ages. For external use of the body of ginger and coconut oil is proven to be safe and able to eliminate pain and reduce swelling can even soften up pus so easily removed. But the side effects of ginger still exist if consumed in excess.

Garlic and turmeric

Ingrown toenail treatment is garlic can be destroyed along with turmeric until smooth and then apply glue on nails or ingrown toenails. The two traditional ingredients of medicines are able to suppress the development of bacteria causes ingrown toenails, Deflating the swelling and relieve the inflammation that occurs in the skin. Garlic is indeed rich in benefits but the side effects of garlic can appear and interfere with the organs of the body when eaten raw because substances that exist therein are sharp and have to go through the process of boiling or steaming it first.


Dampen cotton or muslin with a liquid substance is proven to have the content of Rivanol substance active antiseptic, then paste or compress on the part of the nail ingrown toenails. Rivanol can control network that is festering in order not to extend. Rivanol get also kills the bacteria and germs that hide between the nail that is experiencing swelling.


How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail

Antibiotics are used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation from getting worse and ease the pus to softened in order to be issued without the pain of using emphasis with cotton. The usual antibiotics advised the doctor is kind of mefenamic acid, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.

Antiseptic cream

Because the main concern is to prevent infection in toenail handling enters into, applying creams and ointments are often somewhat antiseptic on the affected nail problems is a good idea to stop the growth of bacteria. Cream Germolene antiseptic ointment or a type that is available in pharmacies around you will work fine. Use the ointment once or twice daily after cleaning the affected area and wash your hands thoroughly.

In addition to treatment, when you recover from this ingrown toenails problems you should always keep your routine and get used to maintaining the cleanliness of the feet with nails and diligent to clean the feet. ingrown toenails are not just caused by fungi but also bacteria. Usually, the bacteria that trigger the appearance of the ingrown toenails Staphylococcus aureus, which in particular appeared on acute ingrown toenails. If it has been exposed to ingrown toenails especially ingrown toenails the long and hasn't healed as well should you checked me to the doctor for the best way of healing is done ingrown toenails

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